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Posted by ReeBKK on Apr 24, 2009
Ultimate Gaming Chair Xbox Bundle

Ultimate Gaming Chair Xbox Bundle

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Relax in the most comfortable game chair, whilst experiencing 3D surround sound from your Xbox 360. This great bundle includes the Ultimate Gaming Chair with built-in speakers, the Resident Evil special edition Xbox and any 5 games of your choice.

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The Ultimate Gaming Chair

Quite likely the best luxury video game accessory you can own

The Ultimate Gaming Chair Bundle With Xbox 360 And 5 Games

Product Features:

  • Full Size Leather Recliner For Hours Of Extreme Gaming
  • 12 Strategically Distributed Feedback Motors
  • Variable Output On All 3 Vibration Sensation Levels
  • Powered & Adjustable 3D Stereo Speakers
  • Personal Headset Jack
  • Extra Port Built-In For Other Great Gaming Accessories
  • Compatible With:
    • Xbox 360 PS3
    • PS2
    • PCs
    • Mac
    • Wii
    • iPod
    • Home Theater

Resident Evil Special Edition XBox 360 Console With Any 5 Games

With the launch of this year’s largest blockbuster game Resident Evil 5 comes the Xbox 360 Elite Resident Evil Limited Edition Console.

Xbox 360 Resident Evil Limited Edition

Move with style through amazing worlds of action and imagination with the Xbox 360 Elite console. This system is all suited up in a vibrant red finish and comes bundled with:

  • Red wireless controller
  • Black Xbox Live wired headset
  • HDMI cable
  • Ethernet cable
  • Component HD A/V cable
  • Resident Evil 5 Game

Xbox 360 Elite has enough space for a whole library of downloadable content and comes with three powerful core processors, 16:9 cinematic aspect ratio, antialiasing for smooth textures, full surround sound capabilities and DVD playback with upscaling capabilities right out of the box.

Xbox 360 Elite Resident Evil Special Edition Product Features:

  • Versatile next-generation technology dressed in a sleek new package – Combines interactive gaming, digital media, online social forums, wireless technologies and much more, all in a vibrant red finish.
  • Symmetrical triple-core CPU – Provides lightning speed and mind-blowing gameplay with each core running at 3.2GHz.
  • 500MHz ATI graphics processor – Enables stunning 1080p high-definition visuals via the HDMI port.
  • Exclusive games – Shatter expectations with advanced customization features, high-definition graphics, full surround sound and online-enabled gameplay.
  • 120GB hard drive – Offers ample storage space for games, music and other Xbox Live content.
  • Backward compatibility – Allows top-selling Xbox games to be played on Xbox 360 Elite.
  • Red wireless controller with black accents – Offers precise control from up to 30′ away and features adjustable vibration feedback for longer battery life.
  • Black Xbox Live headset – Lets you talk to other users online and interact with voice-activated games.
  • HDMI cable – Delivers up to full 1080p high definition video and multichannel surround sound via one convenient cable.

Resident Evil Limited Edition Xbox 360

What’s in the Box?

  • Xbox 360 Elite Console with Exclusive Red Finish
  • Matching red wireless controller
  • 120GB hard drive
  • Resident Evil 5
  • Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
  • Exclusive Resident Evil Premium Theme
  • Xbox 360 black wired headset
  • HDTV-ready component HD AV, HDMI and Ethernet cables
  • Xbox Live 1 Month Gold Subscription

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  1. Brittany says:

    I have the Ultimate Game Chair v3 and Resident Evil is amazing in it.  I can feel and hear the zombies before I can even see them which adds a whole new level of excitement.  The UGC v3 is excellent for all First Person Shooters, Racing Games, anything with alot of action.

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