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Posted on Dec 26, 2009
Rain LiveBook Zephyr Laptop

Rain LiveBook Zephyr Laptop

Rain LiveBook Zephyr laptop, mobile dj solution and songwriter sketchbook....

LiveBook Zephyr is a fine-tuned mobile DJ solution and songwriter sketchbook. Dual Core processing, high performance storage and Quiet Cool Design make Zephyr the perfect balance of price and performance.

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Rain LiveBook Zephyr Key Features

Make more music.

rain livebook make music Rain LiveBook Zephyr Laptop

Make Music With Rain LiveBook Laptop

Whether you’re DJ’ing an all night party or laying down the inspiration for your next big hit, LiveBook Zephyr makes it easy to work with your audio software like Traktor, Pro Tools and Ableton.

It goes where you go.

There’s no reason to lug crates of records around any more. Pack up to all your tunes onto a high performance hard drive up to 500GB and take your entire library where you go. Just plug in to the PA and you’re set.

livebook zephyr on the go Rain LiveBook Zephyr Laptop

Rain LiveBook Zephyr Laptop Financed

Plug & Play

livebook zephyr pulg and plug Rain LiveBook Zephyr Laptop

Rain Livebook Zephyr Laptop Plug and Play

LiveBook Zephyr is the first Rain mobile audio workstation designed as a digital sketchbook for musicians and DJs. Light, sleek and totally mobile, Zephyr is ready to rock wherever and whenever inspiration strikes. Hook it up to your DJ software and the party is in your hands. Lay down a quick guitar part, do a scratch vocal track and instantly capture the vibe of your idea in the moment. Make your edits, do a rough mix and burn a CD for everyone in the band. Best of all, it doesn’t matter where you are because Zephyr travels light. In your hotel room or your living room, Zephyr makes it easy so you can make your music.

Digital sketchbook

zephyr digital sketchbook Rain LiveBook Zephyr Laptop

Rain Livebook Digital Sketchbook Financed

With a 15.4″ widescreen display and Intel Dual Core brain, Zephyr is the perfect balance of price and performance. Designed and tested for use with your audio software like Traktor, Reason and Pro Tools, LiveBook Zephyr gives you the power to add just the right amount of tracks, plugins and synths so you can bring your music to life. A high performance, SATA II drive uses a dedicated 16MB buffer to prevent bottlenecks that cause dropouts and distortion. Rain’s Quiet Cool Design ensures smooth operation without excess heat and noise. At home or on the road, Zephyr gives you a sketchbook to capture your inspiration and create without barriers starting at just $1299.

Dual Core Power.

dual core processor Rain LiveBook Zephyr Laptop

Dual Core Processor

LiveBook Zephyr is powered by the lastest in dual core mobile processing from Intel. Combined with the Centrino 2 “Montevina” platform, its all about high efficiency and low heat.

Fill’er Up.

up to 8 gig ram Rain LiveBook Zephyr Laptop

Up To 8 Gig RAM

With up to 8GB of memory, you’ll always have the power to add more tracks, plugins and synths to make your projects come to life. Don’t compromise, do what’s right for the music.

Serve It Up Fast.

fast hard drive Rain LiveBook Zephyr Laptop

Fast Hard Disk Drive `

A high performance, SATA II drive, up to 500GB, spins at 7200RPM. With an industry leading 16MB buffer, there’s no need to wory about bottlenecks that can cause dropouts and glitches.

Room with a view.

15.4 inch display1 Rain LiveBook Zephyr Laptop

15.4 Inch Display

A beautiful 15.4″ widescreen display brings your music and video to life in vibrant colors. Response time is fast and 256MB of video memory gives you access to new world of visual influence.

Take Control.

take control Rain LiveBook Zephyr Laptop

Integrated Numeric Keypad

Next to the full size keyboard is an integrated numeric keypad giving you instant control of your memory points and transport controls. The SmartTouch trackpad lets you glide around effortlessly.

PCI Express Expansion.

pci express Rain LiveBook Zephyr Laptop

PCI Express Port

LiveBook Zephyr makes it easy to expand with an integrated PCI Express Notebook card slot. Add in extra FireWire or eSATA ports or a mobile MADI card. It’s all up to you.

Rain LiveBook Zephyr Technical Specifications

  • Processor: Up to 3.06GHz Intel “Penryn” Core 2 Duo
  • Memory: Up to 8GB 800MHz Dual Channel SDRAM
  • Hard Drive: Up to 500GB 7200RPM SATA II [16MB Cache] (Optional SSD)
  • Optical Drive: StormDrive Dual Layer CD/DVD Writer
  • Display: 15.4″ WXGA Widescreen [1280 x 800]
  • Video Out: 1 x VGA
  • USB: 3 x USB 2.0 Ports
  • PCI Express: 1 x PCI Express Card Slot
  • Media Reader: 1 x Card Reader [SD, MMC, MS, MS-Pro]
  • Webcam: 2.0 Megapixel
  • WiFi: Integrated Wireless Wi-Fi
  • LAN: Gigabit Ethernet
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 2.0
  • Input: Touch Pad, Full Size Keyboard w/ Numeric Keypad
  • Battery: 6-cell or 9-cell Smart Li-Ion Battery
  • Software: Windows Vista Home Premium (x32, x64) tuned by Rain for Audio/Video production, RainZone
  • Internet Safe Zone, RainCare Restore Recovery and Backup Solution

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