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Posted on Jun 1, 2009
Axiontron ModBook Tablet PC

Axiontron ModBook Tablet PC

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The Axiontron ModBook incorporates the technology of tablet PC into the design based on the MacBook.

Praised by reviewers as “cleverly designed” and “impressively versatile,” the Modbook is the revolutionary slate-style tablet that enables users to draw, sketch and write directly on the screen. To create the Modbook, Axiotron integrates its own hardware and software technology with a state-of-the-art Wacom Penabled digitizer and an Apple MacBook computer.

If you are looking for a touchscreen Apple laptop that actually lets you draw on the screen, the Axiontron ModBook Tablet PC is perfect for you!

Axiotron Touchscreen Tablet PC Highlights

  • It is genuine MacBook laptop that has been modified. It is a Core 2 Duo MacBook with Leopard, with an added standard screen with a Wacom Penabled Digitizer and even stuck a GPS inside.

  • The screen is bright, but matte (not glossy like the new MacBook Pro models), so images are a bit fuzzier than my MacBook Pro but allow for better viewing angles.
  • Handwriting recognition works well in the included application inkBook
  • The screen is scratch/fingerprint free and pretty durable to handle your wear and tear.

The Axiotron ModBook Features:

  • Intel Core 2 Duo
  • AnyView(tm) 13.3″ Wide Screen
  • Write and Draw directly to the Screen
  • 512 Levels of Pressure Sensitivity
  • ForceGlass Screen & Camera Cover
  • Aircraft grade magnesium alloy for all terrain use
  • WACOM Penabled Digitizer
  • Microphone/Audio In; Headphone/Audio-Out
  • Gigabit Ethernet Port
  • Apple mini-Display Port for External Display
  • FireWire 400 Port x 1; USB 2.0 Ports x 2
  • Apple OS X 10.5.x ‘Leopard’ Included
  • Bluetooth 2.0+EDR Built-In
  • Apple Airport 802.11b/g/n Wireless
  • Apple mini-DVI Port for 2nd Display
  • Built-in Apple iSight
  • Inkwell Handwriting Recognition
  • Axiotron Digitizer Pen Included

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Axiotron Modbook Financed

Axiotron Modbook Financed

What’s New in the Modbook?

Axiotron Motherboard Newly Updated for 2009 – Axiotron’s award-winning tablet Mac gets revitalized with system performance improvements and new features.

More Graphics Power

Axiotron ModBook With NVIDIA GeForce Graphics

The Modbook’s new NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics chipset offers 5x faster graphics performance, handling graphics-intensive applications with ease.

Improved MacBook Compatibility

Axiotron ModBook With Mac OS X Compatibility

Better system performance: With its redesigned Axiotron hardware controller board, the Modbook offers improved performance, a quicker boot time for the Axiotron system software and smoother integration with the Mac OS X operating system.

Improved power usage: Get longer battery life with the more efficient Axiotron hardware controller board, including significantly less power drain in sleep mode.

Full Bluetooth connectivity: Pair a keyboard or mouse just as you would on your MacBook.

Lightweight and Scratch-Resistant Coating

Axiotron ModBook Tablet PC

Axiotron’s QuadCoat process adapted from auto industry techniques helps protect the Modbook’s sturdy-yet-lightweight magnesium top shell while lowering the Modbook’s weight.

With the new liquid metallic coating process and other changes the weight of the highly portable Modbook decreases to 5.3 pounds.

Enhanced Functionality

Axiotron ModBook Tablet PC Financed

Improved display characteristics and drawing surface: Axiotron’s new proprietary bonding process decreases the gap between the AnyView LCD panel and ForceGlass screen cover. Result: better contrast ratio (especially outdoors), firmer drawing surface and reduced pen-to-cursor parallax.

Enhanced GPS capability: The reconfigured GPS antenna obtains a four-satellite fix in an unobstructed outdoor area more easily, enabling the Modbook’s GPS module to furnish coordinate data to third-party GPS applications with greater reliability.

Better pen tablet performance: Specially designed internal Mu-metal shielding, in addition to existing shielding, boosts pen tablet responsiveness by greatly decreasing the potential for interference from electronic noise sources.

New Software

Autodesk SketchBook Express

Autodesk SketchBook Express 2009, an industry leading sketching and drawing application, is now exclusively available on the Modbook as part of its standard software package.

NEW! Axiotron Quickflip allows users of NVIDIA-powered Modbooks to switch their screen rotation in 90-degree increments, going from landscape mode to portrait mode and back again. (Available soon at no charge for download to any NVIDIA-powered Modbook.)

Improved Serviceability

The Modbook’s new bonding process, as well as other refined assembly procedures, have been designed to optimize field serviceability by Axiotron’s recently expanded dealer network who can provide servicing and repair at convenient locations across the U.S. and Canada.

Axiotron ModBook Side View

Technical Specifications

  • Product Name : Axiotron ModBook Tablet Mac
  • Processor : 2.0GHz Core 2 Duo with Nvidia 9400M Graphics
  • Motherboard : Axiotron Motherboard Newly Updated for 2009
  • Memory : 4.0 GB DDR2 667MHZ
  • Hard Disk : 500GB 5400RPM Serial-ATA 8MB Cache
  • Optical Drive 1 : SuperDrive DVD Dual-Layer/CD Burner VideoCard : Modbooks new NVIDIA
  • GeForce 9400M graphics chipset
  • Operating System : Apple OS X 10.5.x Leopard Included
  • Extra Item 1 : Write and Draw directly to the Screen, Axiotron Digitizer Pen Included
  • Extra Item 2 : Built-in Apple iSight
  • Extra Item 3 : Apple OS X 10.5.x ‘Leopard’ Included
  • Extra Item 4 : Intelligent Technologies IT Case for the Axiotron Modbook. Convertible Tablet/Carry Case
  • Extra Item 5 : ForceGlass Screen & Camera Cover
  • Weight : 5.3 lb
  • Display : AnyView 13.3 Wide Screen
  • Monthly Payment : $199.00

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