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Posted on Apr 25, 2008

Apple MacBook Pro Notebooks

New Macintosh Apple MacBook Pro Notebook Laptops Financed for Military Service Member for ZERO MONEY DOWN, LOW MONTHLY PAYMENTS, and FREE SHIPPING

Fresh-in, Apples renowned laptop notebooks are now available for financing for the U.S. Military and Civilian DoD employees. Not many, like myself are avid Mac users, but have been debating whether or not to make the leap to the Mac World. Macintosh is by far a much more graphic based and cool interface system, but compatibility, limited parts, and often higher prices has discouraged a lot of users to start the learning process. However, the new MacBooks and MacBooks Pro just may be the product that makes you switch.

MacBook PRO Financed

042507 1633 newapplemac13 Apple MacBook Pro Notebooks

apple macbook connections0110 Apple MacBook Pro NotebooksLets start of with the newest laptops by Apple, the MacBook Pros. Available in 2 sizes, 15 inch and 17 inch and two different Core 2 Duo Processors, the 2.16Ghz or 2.33Ghz. This makes it almost 40% faster that the predecessor MacBook. If speed is what you need, don’t look at the write up listed below. Never mind, read it cause I spent time writing it up. The new processor, the Intel Core Duo, makes this the first dual-processor laptop Apple has ever made. The MacBook Pro’s system bus runs at 667MHz, four times the speed of the PowerBook’s 167MHz bus. The new PCI Express-based graphics technology offers 8GBps of total bandwidth, which is eight times that of the PowerBook’s 4x AGP graphics system. The drives now use the fast Serial ATA technology. The RAM is dramatically faster. The MacBook Pro adds more convenience by including the Front Row Apple Remote control. This makes it ideal for presentation, music, movies, and laying around surfing. Another great feature that I personally look for in every laptop now is a built in web camera, and of course MacBook Pro has one. I hate dealing with cables and packing up of extra peripheral devices. The more built in features the better for those who actually want a laptop to be mobile. The iSight, the built in webcam name for those who are not yet familiar with Apple, sets you up for easy video conferencing and video chatting with love ones or possible love ones on those long deployments. Okay, lets break it down and get inside this arts farts notebook and see if its got power to match its style.

042507 1633 newapplemac23 Apple MacBook Pro Notebooks


MacBook Pro is built on the revolutionary Intel Core 2 Duo,  which packs the power of two processor cores (up to 2.33GHz) inside a single chip. It provides 4MB of Smart Cache, L2 cache that can be shared between the cores as needed. It delivers higher performance in 2D and 3D graphics, video editing, and music encoding which Apple is designed for. But the new engine is only part of the story. MacBook Pro supports hard drives up to 200GB and up to 3GB of 667MHz DDR2 memory allowing plenty of room to upgrade for the future (usually a month after purchasing a computer J). And now every MacBook Pro boasts both a FireWire 800 port and a double-layer burning SuperDrive. Ultimate speed, performance, and connectivity. To go. That’s MacBook Pro.

Intel’s Core Duo processor gives Apple a combination of speed and energy efficiency that the company never could get from the PowerPC processor family, one of the big reasons why Apple kissed those processors goodbye and made the move to Intel. As a result, the MacBook Pro has the potential to dramatically improve the experience of running a Mac laptop.

042507 1633 newapplemac33 Apple MacBook Pro Notebooks

Lucky number 7x

Combined with 4MB L2 cache and a myriad of other engineering leaps, the Intel Core 2 Duo boosts performance up to 39% higher than the previous MacBook Pro and over 7x higher than the fastest PowerBook G4.1 With this awesome power, it’s a breeze to render complex 3D models, enjoy smooth playback of 1080p HD video, or host a four-way video conference.

042507 1633 newapplemac43 Apple MacBook Pro Notebooks

More power, using less power

The Intel Core 2 Duo uses Intel’s groundbreaking 65-nanometer process,  resulting in transistors so small, you could fit a hundred inside a single human cell. With smaller distances for electrons to travel, and two execution cores designed to share resources and conserve power, the Intel Core 2 Duo achieves higher levels of performance as it uses fewer watts. Which is what makes it possible to design a super-powerful MacBook Pro that’s only one inch thin. The main concern would be the fact that tempature should play a huge factor as with other lighting quick laptops. Surprisingly, there isn’t much of a difference. Temperature control and consistency is attributed to a System Management Controller firmware update that dynamically regulates the speed of the cooling fans. To compensate for the Core 2 Duo’s heat, Apple has cranked up the fan speeds, which adds a little noise. But I would choose a little more noise over more heat any day.

042507 1633 newapplemac53 Apple MacBook Pro Notebooks

Apple’s iSight Built-in Web Camera

Sit down. Click someone’s iChat icon (more Apple Lingo). Video conference from anywhere in the world as long as you have the ability to connect. Most deployment exercises are offering troops the ability to get hooked up, so this is a very ideal feature. Though you can barely see it, there’s an iSight camera built into the thin bezel just above the display. So now you can conference with associates during the day and chat with the kids at night. iChat AV lets you video chat with up to three other people simultaneously. And when you go head to head, you’ll see your colleagues clearly, at VGA resolution. Make your multiway video conference full screen and instantly turn your barrack or tent into a video conference room, without paying for a single phone call. Gotta love FREE!

Taking pictures of yourself on the road has never been more fun. Add a special image effect,  Sepia, Black & White, Glow, Comic Book, X-Ray, Colored Pencil, Thermal Camera, Spotlight, Bulge, Dent, Twirl, Squeeze, Mirror, Light Tunnel, Stretch, Fish Eye. Click. See the screen flash white (which puts you in the best light). And there you have it, a high-quality photo you can save as your iChat buddy picture, email to your friends, put in your iPhoto library, or post to your iWeb photo blog.

Packs power, not pounds

042507 1633 newapplemac63 Apple MacBook Pro Notebooks

What makes MacBook Pro so mobile? Performance in a portable package. If carrying your rucksack wasn’t enough of a burden, adding weight to your load is not something you wanna be doing. Some are wiling to sacrifice their back muscles to have the best laptop available, but MacBook is a better option. Only one inch thin and 5.6 and 6.8 pounds, respectively, the 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pros are amongst the thinnest, lightest notebooks in their display class.

At just one inch thin, MacBook Pro defies reason,  and probably several laws of physics. But each element inside has been carefully considered to condense all the modern mobile amenities into the tightest of quarters.

042507 1633 newapplemac73 Apple MacBook Pro Notebooks

Innovative right down to the power cord

The MacBook Pro power adapter with MagSafe connector is just that: a magnetic connection instead of a physical one. So, if you happen to trip over a power cord, you won’t send MacBook Pro flying off a table or desk; the cord simply disconnects, without damage to either the cord or the system. As an added nicety, this means less wear on the connectors.

Cooler design

In the eternal struggle between the forces of design and the forces of thermodynamic reality, many notebooks simply surrender, opting for clunkier designs to deal with internal heat. MacBook Pro innovates its way to a better place. Not only are its parts engineered to squeeze out every last joule of performance, they’re meticulously placed to minimize size. The result? Ultra performance in a thin, light package.

Slim Slot Loading Optical Drive

The MacBook Pro’s optical drive is slower than the PowerBook’s (4x, instead of 8x), and it won’t burn dual-layer DVD discs. Apple says this is because, the company has to use a new ultra-slimline optical drive in order to get the MacBook Pro down to one inch of thickness. Currently, the 4x DVD burner with no dual-layer capacity is the best drive in that class. (But fear not, the drive will still burn single-layer DVDs and CDs, and it plays back all your DVDs and CDs just fine.)

Battery life lessons

With battery life that rivals most notebooks in its class, MacBook Pro keeps you on the go. If you’d like to make that battery last even longer, Mac OS X has a few tricks up its sleeve. Go to System Preferences, click Energy Saver, and change battery optimization from Normal to Better Battery Life. Or tell MacBook Pro to reduce its screen brightness and give yourself a little more time untethered.

Mobile expansion

ExpressCard is the PCMCIA standard replacement for the CardBus PC Card slot, providing a faster way to connect to a wide variety of peripherals. Currently available ExpressCard/34 products in the U.S. include:

  • Novatel V640 EVDO ExpressCard
  • NitroAV FireWire 800 ExpressCard
  • FirmTek SeriTek/2SM2-E SATA ExpressCard
  • Belkin Multimedia Reader and Writer ExpressCard

042507 1633 newapplemac83 Apple MacBook Pro Notebooks

Scrolling Trackpad

MacBook Pro can tell if you’ve got one finger on the pedal, or two. With two, you can easily scroll around your documents or open contextual menus. And it’s easier now, thanks to a larger trackpad than the PowerBook G4.

Sudden Motion Sensor

MacBook Pro helps protect your data if it detects a fall, by parking the hard drive head during fast changes in orientation. Basically, it prepares for us to do what we do best, break stuff.

Sounds surround

MacBook Pro sounds as good as it looks, with unprecedented attention to audio detail. For musicians on the go, MacBook Pro offers pristine sound through optical digital audio on both input and output.

MacBook PRO On the Go

042507 1633 newapplemac93 Apple MacBook Pro Notebooks

MagSafe Airline Adapter

Out of power in flight? Plug in the MagSafe Airline Adapter to keep full optimal power settings.

042507 1633 newapplemac103 Apple MacBook Pro Notebooks

World traveler

Charge your MacBook Pro anywhere in the world with the optional World Travel Adapter Kit. No matter which country you are stationed in fit the local plugs.

Get Back To The Graphics

The 17-inch MacBook Pro delivers many of the same beloved features as its little sibling, such as a scrolling track pad, the Sudden Motion Sensor, and an excellent software package, and adds a huge, bright 17-inch display that’s great for graphics work. The 15-inch is slightly smaller, but cuts the price while keeping the MacBook Pro core components. Oh yah, the 17 inch comes with an extra USB port, a total of 3 on the 17″ and 2 on the 15″.

Promote your ideas on the MacBook Pro’s dazzling display. An aggressive ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 graphics processor under the hood coupled with up to 256MB of GDDR3 SDRAM powers the mobile visual studio you’ve been waiting for. Retouch color, edit on location, video conference with colleagues: Do it all, anywhere.

The MacBook’s display is slightly shorter than the PowerBook’s fewer vertical pixels than the 15-inch PowerBook. But it’s also much brighter, going from 180 nits (a standard measurement of brightness or luminance whose name comes from the Latin for “to shine”) to 300 nits. The end result is that the screen is the same brightness as Apple’s Cinema Displays.

Everything is illuminated

MacBook Pro makes your ideas more enlightening, with a sharp, high-resolution screen. See blacker blacks, whiter whites, and many more colors in between on a brilliant 15.4-inch, 1440-by-900-pixel or 17-inch, 1680-by-1050-pixel digital display. Enjoy a nuanced view simply unavailable on other portables.

042507 1633 newapplemac113 Apple MacBook Pro Notebooks

Moving performance

Then there’s the not-so-subtle ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 with up to 256MB of dedicated graphics memory. Designed for high-performance portables, this graphics powerhouse packs more punch into a much smaller space. The X1600 can push data through 12 pixel shader pipelines and five vertex processors on the 16-lane PCI Express bus interface. Enjoy sharp videos and photos, smooth video playback, astonishing effects, and vibrant colors as well as texture-rich 3D performance in next-generation games.

Pure digital signal

When you connect an Apple Cinema Display to MacBook Pro, you lose nothing in translation. That’s because the DVI connection gives you a pure digital signal from system to display. View more than 4 million pixels on the 30-inch Apple Cinema HD Display, powered by the ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 and the dual-link DVI built into MacBook Pro. You get three options for using your display: dual-display mode, video mirroring, and lid-closed mode.

Note: The PowerBook’s built-in S-Video port is also gone, although you can buy a $19 adapter to convert the output of the MacBook’s DVI port to either S-Video or composite*

Finishing coat

MacBook Pro offers an antiglare widescreen display that’s perfect for color-minded professionals. For a more immersive viewing experience, you can configure MacBook Pro with a glossy finish. This gives everything you see a richer, more saturated feel.

MacBook PRO On the Go.

042507 1633 newapplemac123 Apple MacBook Pro Notebooks

Projector ready

MacBook Pro works with a host of projectors, thanks to the standard DVI port or an optional video adapter.

042507 1633 newapplemac133 Apple MacBook Pro Notebooks

On display

Extend your desktop by connecting your MacBook Pro to a larger display or an HDTV via the DVI port or an optional video adapter.

Wireless Freedom

042507 1633 newapplemac143 Apple MacBook Pro Notebooks

The MacBook Pro features three USB 2.0 ports; FireWire 400 and FireWire 800 ports; an ExpressCard slot; and a DVI port (VGA with included adapter) for connecting to an external monitor. It’s also equipped with Bluetooth 2.0+EDR (enhanced data rate), and you can access the Internet via 802.11g Wi-Fi radio, and Gigabit Ethernet. As with the PowerBook, the MacBook Pro features a slot-loading SuperDrive that plays and burns DVDs and CDs. One new extra is the Apple remote that controls the included Front Row multimedia player; we wish, though, that the MacBook had a storage slot for it. Unlike most PC laptops, the MacBook Pro lacks a built-in media reader for flash memory cards, and there’s no S-Video output or built-in modem–both of which the PowerBook had.

Free yourself from the confines of a desk with the wireless technology in MacBook Pro. Collaborate with colleagues around the world from across the room using a Bluetooth headset and iChat AV over wireless Internet. Make last-minute changes to a presentation by sharing files over Bluetooth. MacBook Pro lets freedom ring.

Unplug the Internet

AirPort Extreme gives you blazing connectivity speeds up to 54 megabits per second1 using the 802.11g standard. This turbocharged technology lets you connect to the Internet without wires, additional phone lines, or complicated networking hardware. Use AirPort Extreme to get online wirelessly2 at hundreds of Starbucks coffee shops or Borders bookstores from coast to coast via T-Mobile.

042507 1633 newapplemac153 Apple MacBook Pro Notebooks

Travel unfettered

Hotels around the world have made Wi-Fi compliant 802.11b wireless local area networks (WLANs) available in their guest rooms. Wayport, Inc., for instance, provides wireless connectivity in thousands of rooms at more than 400 major hotels in the U.S. Because AirPort Extreme is 802.11b-compatible, you can use your MacBook Pro to surf the Internet in every one of those rooms. And even if your hotel has no wireless network, you can create your very own using an AirPort Express Base Station. Just plug it in and connect it to the Ethernet port in your room. Your MacBook Pro gets you online wirelessly in seconds.

Clearly someone at Apple wants the modem to die, and soon. Like the elimination of the floppy drive with the release of the original iMac, this strikes us as a move that’s just a little ahead of its time. True, these days, most laptop users rely on broadband connections, either via Ethernet or wireless. True, the Internet is rapidly becoming an experience that requires high-speed connectivity. But still, there’s always going to be that time when you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere and need to check your e-mail. And now, if you’ve got a MacBook Pro, you’re going to need to make sure that you pack a Apple USB Modem in your bag just in case of emergencies or if you like the old skool dial-up method that kinda only serves a means to check Email and low-bandwidth sites. Dial-up Mac users are not going to love this feature, but dial-up is a thing of the past and eventually stacked away with cassette tapes and NES systems.

Get your fair share

With Bonjour networking technology built into every MacBook Pro, the possibilities for wirelessly sharing files, printers, and data are nearly limitless. Your computer discovers other computers and peripherals on the same network. From there, you can print and share with secure simplicity.

042507 1633 newapplemac163 Apple MacBook Pro Notebooks

Bluetooth 2.0+EDR! What is it?

The new Apple PowerBook Pro now offer Bluetooth 2.0+EDR. Bluetooth 2.0+EDR, while still backwards-compatible with Bluetooth 1.x (that is a good thing), is up to three times faster than its predecessors, offering a maximum data rate of 3Mbps. As the first company to certify a system supporting Bluetooth 2.0+EDR (enhanced data rate) specification with the Bluetooth Qualification Board, Apple continues to popularize Bluetooth technology.

Sync, look, and listen

Use built-in Bluetooth wireless technology to connect to your PDA or cell phone. Sync addresses. Download pictures from your cell phone. Send an SMS using your MacBook Pro keyboard. Talk on a wireless headset. Quickly share files with a colleague. Bluetooth pairing makes it possible. MacBook Pro makes it easy.

MacBook On the Go

042507 1633 newapplemac173 Apple MacBook Pro Notebooks

Networking with Bonjour

With MacBook Pro and Bonjour technology, you can find printers, share files, and connect to other computers on a network.

042507 1633 newapplemac183 Apple MacBook Pro Notebooks

Built-in Bluetooth

Connect wirelessly to Bluetooth-enabled peripherals or connect to the Internet via your mobile phone.

042507 1633 newapplemac193 Apple MacBook Pro Notebooks

AirPort Express

MacBook Pro offers built-in wireless capability, and you can create your own wireless network with an AirPort Express.

Final Look

WAIT!!! You Want More! Okay You Gotta if you managed to read through this whole article. Well I got a print screen of all the tech specs available for the MacBook Pro PLUS the plethora of options available – at an extra cost of course (gotta take it up with with Steve Jobs – Mr. Macintosh himself – Not my call). If you would like to get this all wrapped up into one condensed geeky format, click the following link of all the tech specs and information you could ever need on the Mac Book Pro:

Macintosh MacBook Tech Specs

Scroll through at your own pace and try to devour all the details. Finally I wanna end with the prices and MY ideal Mac Book Pro package setup.

Note: The new site allows you to request a setup such as this. Use your creativity and design the setup you want summoning all your technical expertise to supply us with all the specs you want or just let us know what your dream machine needs to be able to do (dj, graphics, games, internet, etc.)

My ideal setup is this. I would grab the 15 inch Mac Book Pro since I like to have a laptop that is easily mobile and it won’t comprimise on the specs (except for the 2 versus 3 USB ports). If money wasn’t an option I would definitely opt for the 17 inch and upgrade the memory to 3GB, Hard drive to 200GB/4200rpm and an extra battery to handle all the extra juice though. I like to use my laptop as a mobile desktop, but when I am at home doing graphics, video and watching some movies I don’t wanna work on a 15 inch screen. Thus, I would take advantage of the HDTV DVI connection and include a kick ass display. I chose to stick with Apple and get a double monitor Cinema Display. Two 20 inch Flat Screen HDTV monitor right next to each other for a double wide, 16-lane PCI Express All Around Experience.

With an all PCI Express architecture, Mac Pro supports a lineup of state-of-the-art graphics cards to ensure a spectacular visual experience. Every Mac Pro supports two displays, including one 30-inch Apple Cinema HD Display,  and can be expanded to drive an array of up to eight displays.

Finally the add-on and accessories. Might as well through in the new 80GB iPod and the impressive Logitech Z-5500 Digital Speakers with Remote Stereo System as well. Other details would include the Apple USB Modem just incase, Apple Wireless Mouse for clean desktop space and a big budle software of all the great Adobe, Macromedia and Office Suites.

macintosh laptop system Apple MacBook Pro Notebooks

MacBook Pro 17 inch Intel Core 2 Duo 2.33Ghz Notebook

Only $216.00 a month 042507 1633 newapplemac213 Apple MacBook Pro Notebooks

042507 1633 newapplemac203 Apple MacBook Pro Notebooks

MacBook Pro 15 inch Intel Core 2 Duo 2.33Ghz Notebook

Only $198.00 a month042507 1633 newapplemac233 Apple MacBook Pro Notebooks

042507 1633 newapplemac223 Apple MacBook Pro Notebooks

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