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Posted on Apr 24, 2008

Apple MacBook Air Laptop Notebook

Apple MacBook Air laptop notebook ultra thin and portable laptop is flat-out stunning and offers a custom Intel Duo Core2 Duo cpu.

The highly anticipated MacBook Air hit finally stores earlier this year and for most Mac fans, it really does live up to expectations.

Apple MacBook Air Laptop Financing for Military with Bad Credit History

With all the press the MacBook Air is getting, it wasn’t going to be long before we at 800HighTech managed to make these available on finance for all Military Service Members and Civilian DoD’s regardless of past debt or bad credit history.

MacBook Air

MacBook Air Now Available On Finance From 800HighTech

Apple Custom Intel Duo Core 2 CPUSo why all the hype? For starters the MacBook Air has managed to cram a powerful 1.6GHz (or optional 1.8GHz) Intel Core 2 Duo processor, an 80GB hard disk (or optional 64GB solid-state drive) and Intel GMA X3100 graphics processor into an extremely slim line casing measuring just 0.16 to 0.76 inches, whilst at the same time, still offering the comfort of a full sized backlit keyboard as well as a large 13.3 inch screen.

A couple of things you will immediately notice about the slim design is the absence of an optical disk drive and the reduction of video and audio in’s and out’s. As standard the MacBook Air only comes with a DVI output (which can also support VGA by the use of an included adaptor), one USB port and an audio out. This may seem like a drastic measure to save space but Apple have done their best to compensate for this by incorporating remote disk technology (keep reading for more information about MacBook Air’s remote disk technology works).

The 13.3 inch widescreen display is back lit with LED’s and boasts a 1280-by-800 resolution that gives vibrant images and rich colors. The mercury- and arsenic-free display is also more power efficient, resulting in longer battery life.

The MacBook Air includes Apples innovative oversized trackpad complete with multi-touch technology. You can pinch, swipe, rotate to zoom in on text, advance through a photo album, or adjust an image just like previous models of the MacBook.

::MacBook Air 13.3 Inch Display::MacBook Air Slim Design::MacBook Air Backlit Keyboard::
::MacBook Dimensions::

MacBook Air comes complete with a built- in iSight camera, built-in mono speakers, mag safe power adaptor and a lithium-polymer battery with 5 hours of wireless productivity. MacBook Air also ships with all familiar Macintosh applications including Safari, iChat, iCal, Time Machine, iLife and Boot Camp which lets you start up your Mac in Windows.The whole thing which is housed in a sturdy anodized aluminum case, weighs just 3.0 pounds and as you can see in the video advert, it’s small enough to fit inside a manila envelope. Click Here For full MacBook Air Technical Specifications

MacBook Air With 802.11n Wi-Fi
The MacBook has definitely been designed with the wireless world in mind. As well as featuring the fastest next-generation 802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1, the MacBook supports remote disk technology meaning there is no need for an optical disk drive.

MacBook Air’s Remote Disk

Incorporating remote disk technology into the MacBook has certainly raised the standard of how notebooks can utilize wireless technology. The remote disk makes it possible to wirelessly read any CD or DVD from another Mac or PC in the vicinity.

So you can now have full access to an optical drive (most of the time), without having to carrying one around.

MacBook Air Remote DiskHow to use the remote disk feature:

  • Select a nearby Mac or PC with an optical drive. On that computer, install the Remote Disc Setup software (found on the supplied Mac OS X Install DVD). It is now permanently enabled for Remote Disc
  • Insert the software disc you want to install
  • Insert the DVD containing the software you want to install on MacBook Air into the optical drive of the Remote Disc-enabled Mac or PC
  • Install the software on MacBook Air
  • In the Finder on MacBook Air, under Devices, select the icon that says Remote Disc. Click on the computer you enabled, and then double-click to open the software DVD. Now proceed with the installation just as if you had a built-in optical drive
  • Time Machine

    Time Capsule - Automatic Backup For MacBook Air MacBook Air lets you wirelessly transfer all of your files and content from your old Mac and with Apples new Time Capsule technology, you can automatically back up all your information wirelessly.

    Time Capsule includes a wireless 500GB or 1TB hard drive with a base-station, designed to work with Time Machine in Mac OS X Leopard. The Time Capsule works by automatically copies files to this external drive.

    Time capsule can be used for all Mac’s on the network. The technology also allows all computers on the network access whatever USB peripherals happen to be connected to the port on the wireless base station.

    MacBook Air Time CapsuleDepending on how much data you have, your initial backup with Time Capsule could take overnight or longer. Afterwards only the changed files will be backed up and this happens automatically and seamlessly in the background.

    MacBook Air Videos

    MacBook – A Guided Tour

    MacBook Air Advert Video

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