Richard Poulin III  Posted on Sep 22, 2009
Alienware M15x WOW Custom Laptop

Alienware M15x WOW Custom Laptop

The new Alienware M15x custom laptop, the most powerful 15 inch Alienware laptop yet...

Indisputable Power – Introducing the new Alienware M15x laptop, the world’s most powerful 15 laptop. With his much bleeding-edge technology at your finger tips, nothing can stop you.

The Alienware M15x is available in several configurations, and different colors.

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Alienware M15x Key Features

Alienware M15x Financed

Alienware M15x Financed

Pure Domination

Take control of the game once and for all with the Alienware M15x, the universe’s most powerful 15 laptop. Grab the reins of the 15 powerhouse with blazing fast graphics, the latest in processor technology and Hi-def capabilities all in a devilishly sleek design. Sit back and enjoy the ride – gaming will never be the same.

The Future of Processing

The new Intel Core i7 mobile processors will take you even further with features like Intel’s Hyper-Threading and Turbo Boost technologies that power through games, multimedia applications and your daily routine all at the same time.

Alienware M15x Faster And Smarter

Alienware M15x Faster And Smarter

Faster and Smarter

Destroy and conquer with DDR3 1333MHz memory, engineered to support the next-generation quad-core processors that are designed to bring you faster speeds and higher bandwidths.

In-Your-Face Action

The Alienware M15x is the most powerful 15-inch laptop/gaming laptop Alienware has ever created and it deserves only the best graphics. Max out your game settings with optional NVIDIA   GeForce   GTX 260M graphics cards that can deliver the high frame rates and great resolutions on a 15″ laptop. They’ll never see you coming, because you’re always a step ahead.

Alienware M15x Fierce Design

Alienware M15x Fierce Design

Fierce Design

The M15x’s case design protects your world with aggressive lines and an in-your-face attitude that quickly dissipates system heat and looks good doing it. And you can personalize your machine from a selection of three colors: Metallic Red, Metallic Silver or Metallic Black.

QuickTouch System Control Pad

Run your fingers above the keyboard on your M15x and you won’t feel a thing. Your laptop, however, will. The Alienware QuickTouch control pad uses touch-capacitive sensors to access and manage power and volume controls, wireless connectivity and both Command Center and Stealth Mode launch functions. Illuminated by the dramatic AlienFX   lighting control system, QuickTouch renders mechanical buttons and control knobs obsolete.

Personalized Plaque

Alienware M15x With Personalized Plaque

Alienware M15x With Personalized Plaque

Turn over your new Alienware M15x and check out the laser-etched nameplate that proclaims your custom-built M15x is unique to only you.


The 2.0MP webcam and digital microphone array let you broadcast across the web, while wireless capabilities keep you up and running anytime, anywhere.

Your Command Center

Alienware M15x Command Center

Alienware M15x Command Center

Alienware Command Center provides intuitive, user-friendly access to exclusive applications and controls, including AlienFX lighting effects software and the AlienFusion power management system. Updates and new releases download directly into Command Center, creating a constantly evolving tool for modifying and personalizing your M15x.


This facial recognition software identifies numerous distinguishing features, utilizing the M15x’s webcam to read and verify biometric measurements that cannot be faked or stolen like a typed password.

Stealth Mode

While in Stealth Mode, discrete graphics cards are turned off and the CPU and GPU are throttled back to achieve a 65W power limit and decrease noise. To engage Stealth Mode, simply use the Stealth Mode odometer, conveniently located above the keyboard with the touch-sensitive controls. If you are on the go and need to run on battery life alone, select Stealth Mode to reduce power consumption.

Alienware M15x Stealth Mode

Alienware M15x Stealth Mode

Alienware M15x Technical Specifications

  • Product Name : Alienware M15X In Your Face WoW Edition
  • Processor : Intel Core i7 920XM 2.0GHz (3.2GHz Turbo Mode, 8MB Cache)
  • Motherboard : Alienware M15X Motherboard
  • Memory : 6GB DDR3 at 1066MHz
  • Hard Disk : 500GB SATA II 7,200RPM
  • Optical Drive 1 : Slot-Load Dual Layer DVD Burner (DVD+-RW, CD-RW) M17X
  • Sound : Internal High-Definition Audio with Surround Sound
  • Speaker : Built-in Stereo Speakers
  • VideoCard : 1GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260M
  • Operating System : Windows Vista Home Premium (64 bit) + Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade Coupon – English
  • Lan Card : Intel WiFi Link 5300 802.11AGN Half Mini Card
  • Web Camera : 2.0 Megapixel WEB CAMERA
  • Weight : 9
  • Dimensions : 14.88 x 1.92 x 12.15 Display : 15.6
  • Monthly Payment : $270.00

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