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Posted by Rich on Aug 4, 2010
Military Deal for Free iPod

Military Deal for Free iPod

This exclusive online contest is newest military deal offering military and civilian DOD employees a chance to win a Free iPod Nano 8GB and other great prizes absolutely free with no purchase necessary. Be sure to read the complete deals to take advantage and stay tuned for more promotions and contests!

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NFL Military Deal Pick Em Contest

NFL Military Deal Pick Em Contest

800HighTech will take part in sponsoring a yearly contest held in partnership with and Stars and Stripes.

Military Partners

Football Grand Prizes

1st Place: $500
2nd Place: $300
3rd Place: $200

Dedicated To The Memory of Pat Tilman

Pat Tilman American HeroThe NFL Challenge is dedicated to the memory of Pat Tillman. Pat was an American football player who played for the Arizona Cardinals. He left his pro sports career and turned down a $3.6 Million contract to enlist in the United States Army in June 2002 with his brother in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks. He joined the United States Army Rangers and served multiple tours in combat before he was killed while on patrol with the 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger regiment in the mountains of Afghanistan.

A True American Hero and Inspiration To Us All!

How To Play

Useful alternative text should go hereAll new players will need to visit (a valuable military internet directory and resource that you should bookmark if you haven’t already) to sign-up. Previous players can visit the same page and use their username and password to log-in.

On their website you can stay updated about the next drawing times. It is important that you add nflchallenge (at) oconus dot com to your address book to ensure that you receive their Emails with weekly reminders for game start times and any schedule changes.

Military Registration for Military Deal NFL Pick EM

What is the NFL Challenge?

Useful alternative text should go hereThe NFL challenge is your chance to show how much you know about NFL football by picking the winners of each NFL game every week. Contestants must choose the winner of each contest and put a number of points on each game.

If there are 15 NFL games in a week, the contestant could put 15 points on one game, 14 points on another, game, 13 points on another game and so-on. If the Rams happen to be playing the Lions one week and you feel sure that the Rams will win, you would choose the Rams and put 15 points on that game. If the Cowboys were playing the Redskins and you viewed this game as a toss-up, you would pick the Cowboys (or the Redskins) and put 1 point on the game.

Each number can only be used for one game. At the end of the week the contestant’s score will be the total of the points for each game in which the contestant correctly picked the winner.

Here’s an example for a sample four game week:

Game 1: Rams VS Lions
Game 2: Cowboys VS Saints
Game 3: Jets VS Dolphins
Game 4: Eagles VS Vikings

For each game the contestant picks a winner and assigns a point total that indicates how confident the contestant is of the winner. Contestants can only use a given number of points one time.

For this example, a contestant might make these picks:

Game 1: Rams - 4 points
Game 2: Saints - 2 points
Game 3: Jets - 1 points
Game 4: Vikings - 3 points

If a contestant’s pick wins the game then they get the point total for that game. If the contestant’s pick loses the game then they get 0 points for that game. If the two teams tie each other then the contestant also gets 0 points for that game.

Let’s say the games are played with the following outcomes:

Game 1: Rams - 34 : Lions - 12 / 4 points earned
Game 2: Cowboys - 28 : Saints - 27 / 0 points earned
Game 3: Jets - 45 : Dolphins - 44 / 1 point earned
Game 4: Eagles - 12 : Vikings - 24 / 3 points earned

The contestant would then have a total of 8 points for the week. Point totals are cumulative week after week, and a contestant can double his or her score by entering a secret code that is published each week in the Stars and Stripes. Each week has a winner and the person with the highest score at the end of the contest wins a grand prize!

Learn More About this Military Deal NFL Pick EM

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