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Toshiba Regza 46inch LCD TV

Toshiba Regza 46inch LCD TV

Toshiba’s sleek 46 inch REGZA XV645G LCD HDTV….

The XV645U series combines the REGZA Engine (PurePixel 5G Resolution+) with ClearFrame 120Hz for superior picture quality, and adds the bottom Deep Lagoon design for appearance that also stands out from the pack.

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toshiba 46xv645u Toshiba Regza 46inch LCD TV

Toshiba 46 Inch XV645G LCD HDTV

Toshiba REGZA 46XV645G LCD HDTV Key Features

PixelPure 5G

pixelpure 5g Toshiba Regza 46inch LCD TV

PixelPure 5G

With a 14-bit internal digital video processor, gradation levels are increased, creating smoother, clearer images.


resolution Toshiba Regza 46inch LCD TV

Resolution Plus

Not just simple scaling, Resolution+ uses complex image correction to enhance the detail of each image, making everything feel like HD.


autoview Toshiba Regza 46inch LCD TV


By combining an ambient room light sensor and incoming video content monitoring, AutoView automatically sets most of the TV picture parameters for you.

ClearFrame 120 Hz

120 hz clearframe Toshiba Regza 46inch LCD TV

ClearFrame 120 Hz

ClearFrame 120 doubles the frame rate of standard LCD TV, 1080p Full HD LCD images are now crisp and clear regardless of image motion.

Gaming Mode

gaming mode Toshiba Regza 46inch LCD TV

Gaming Mode

Gaming Mode enhances the gaming experience by reducing game controller delay.

Native Mode

native mode Toshiba Regza 46inch LCD TV

Native Mode

Native Mode displays the 3% to 5% of the image that is generally lost during the normal over-scanning that is done in most TVs.


dynalight Toshiba Regza 46inch LCD TV


Dynalight automatically adjusts the backlight intensity based on the image content.

1080p Full HD

1080p full hd Toshiba Regza 46inch LCD TV

Full HD 1080p

1080p Full HD, the highest level of HD picture quality available today.


instaport Toshiba Regza 46inch LCD TV


InstaPort connects in a fraction of the time, for faster HDMI switching between components.

Dynamic Noise Reduction

dynamic noise reduction Toshiba Regza 46inch LCD TV

Dynamic Noise reduction

Dynamic Noise Reduction can distinguish areas of noise and apply noise reduction to only those areas.

Toshiba REGZA 46XV645G LCD HDTV Technical Specifications

  • 1080p Full HD Display
  • 50,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio
  • ClearFrame 120Hz Anti-Blur Technology
  • Resolution+ Super Resolution Technology
  • AutoView
  • DynaLight Dynamic Back-Light Control
  • PixelPure 5G 14-Bit Internal Digital Video Processing
  • Cinema Mode 24 fps (5:5 Pulldown)
  • Cinespeed LCD Panel
  • TheaterWide Modes
  • ColorMaster Color Control
  • Color Temperature Control
  • Built-In ATSC/NTSC/QAM Digital Tuning
  • Native Mode
  • Deep Color
  • Invisible Speakers
  • Mute/Half Mute
  • Bottom Deep Lagoon Design
  • Sleep Timer
  • InstaPort Fast HDMI Switching
  • Gaming Mode
  • Input Labeling
  • Picture Freeze
  • Auto Aspect Control
  • Logo Light On/Off
  • Channel Browser
  • Channel Labeling
  • Expert Mode
  • 4-Item Universal Remotev
  • HDMI Digital Inputs: 3 (1 Side)
  • ColorStream HD Component Video Inputs (2)
  • Side A/V / Rear A/V / Rear S-Video: 1/1/1
  • High Res PC Input (S-XGA, 15 pin, D-sub)
  • IR Pass Through
  • Analog Audio Out (Fixed)
  • Dolby Digital Optical Output

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