Richard Poulin III  Posted on Dec 22, 2010
The Basics of a Wireless Microphone

The Basics of a Wireless Microphone

A wireless microphone is a device that is linked to sound recording or amplifying equipment without being attached to these machines with a cable. This type of wire-free mic system is essential for all different types of applications including motion pictures, theater, sound stage productions, corporate and educational environments, military operations, and just about every type of broadcast.

Some of the best wireless microphone products transmit in UHF or VHF radio frequency and provide real diversity reception, eliminating dead spots and the effects that result from the reflection of radio waves on surfaces and walls. The VHF band can be found in the frequency range from 30 MHz and 300 MHz. While it is the other typical band used in wireless mics, UHF (with a band located between the frequency range 300 MHz and 3GHz) is utilized more frequently.

Wireless microphone systems are comprised of an input gadget, radio transmitter and a receiver. The input gadget is a microphone and provides the audio signal. The signal is then sent by the transmitter and the receiver receives it. These microphones may be designed as handheld devices or as a body pack. Handheld units are similar to your standard mike with the exception that instead of a cable it has a battery pack and transmitter. On the other hand, the body pack variety is made up of a tiny box and is clipped to the body of the user. It may be connected to a lapel or a headset mic.

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