Richard Poulin III  Posted on Jan 15, 2013
High Performance Media Streaming

High Performance Media Streaming

Wowza Media Server offers value for high-performance unified streaming of media and video for any screen. From live on-demand streaming to mobile devices the Wowza platform delivers superior streaming.

Wowza was founded on the goal to deliver high-performance media server and video streaming software. Their software includes many features designed to you reach a larger audience, create an engaging viewer experience, and develop a unique video-messaging application.

Benifits of Wowza Media Servers




Cross Platform






Wowza Media servers provide a unique “any-screen” – “any-platform” media streaming capability. With the amount of options available to consumers to decide which computer, mobile device, and operating system; it is imperative to success that media providers incorporate this into their service. This is what makes Wowza’s media servers such a powerful solution for a wide variety of industries and applications.

When it comes to functionality, economy and overall value, no other media server even comes close to the Wowza platform.

Media Server for Your Business

on demand video streaming High Performance Media Streaming

Live Video Streaming

Digital media has spawned its own industry of marketing, sales, and content delivery. It is the future of media, and has restructured the industry. For businesses who are interested in taking advantage of the opportunities available should seek the professional services available. Video and media provides a high demand on your computer hardware and is resource intensive. You hope to provide a consistent and reliable service it is imperative to ensure you have the proper equipment and hardware.

By using professional media servers, you can concentrate on your business while professional make sure your infrastructure stays cutting edge. Target larger audiences, improve quality, and reduce costs with a simple workflow.

This new industry is quickly growing and has it own requirements as it battles to ensure that it is compatible with the electronics industry. The list of options available that a successful media server needs to take in account to make sure it is able to deliver its content to everyone, can be an endless uphill battle for those who are not involved in the industry full-time. This is another important reason why licensing professional software that handles this for you, is an ideal advantage for businesses.

Media Server Performance

mobile media streaming High Performance Media Streaming

Mobile Media Streaming

Wowza Media servers are able to deliver their services thanks to their powerful multi-threaded software that delivers up to 10Gbps of per-server video streaming performance for on-demand and live streaming. This provides high-performance all the time! However, their performance of their servers are scalable and can go from delivering 10Gbps from a single server or easily scale up to multi-server load balanced networks.

Wowza Media servers are able to unify H.264 streaming media into a single workflow. This allows users to stream any screen simultaneously while also having the option to take live non-H.264 content to any H.264 compatible screen with their add-ons. An extensive set of API’s and the power of Java allows you to extend functionality to fit perfectly with your applications and environment. This scalability allows their media severs to be ready for anything the future has in store.

Regardless if you are a Windows, Mac, Liunx, Unix, or Solaris user, the Wowza Media Server 3 gives you the freedom to choose the OS of your choice. Leave the OS battle to the commercials wars.

There are multiple choices available for licensing to fit your needs and budget. No other provider can match the industry’s premier media server to work for you. Enjoy worry free streaming so you can confidently build your business.

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