Everyone could use a little extra cash, especially when earning a $100 bucks is as easy as our affiliate program is.

This program is open to all but designed for those in the military, friends in the military, or work/affiliated with the military. You can easily reffer friends or visitors to our website. For every purchase, you get $100 bucks. It is really that easy.

Our affiliate program works like this:

Military Affiliate Program

Not only will you be earning some extra cash, but you will be offering family and friends a reputable company with over 14 years of experience and a long history of satisfied military customers. We are known for our high level of support, service, and large selection of holiday goods – your friends can expect the same. We now also offer an extended product line that includes household furniture, kitchen appliances, outdoor camping and hiking gear, sporting equipment, musical instruments and much more!

As always, our affiliate program is open to anyone and everyone that refers customers to 800HighTech. This program is ideal to military members of the armed forces or websites/companies that cater to the military. Affiliates can be referred a number of ways and we can even help you with your affiliate program. Just Contact Us and we will be happy to assist you in making some money.

As many companies know, marketing costs can make you or break your business. 800HighTech receives most of its customers through word-of-mouth and repeat customers. Thus, we have expanded our website to encourage and reward our customers that appreciate our service and refer us customers.

Basically the affiliate system works by referring a customer who in turn purchases a product from us. During the check-out process we ask them how they heard about us. If they select your website or list your name, we will reward you. We also use tracking information in case customer forget to refer you. This is easy to do and easy to track. We want to make sure you get rewarded and make sure each customer referred does not go unpaid. Here are some common ways we receive our referrals.

Word of Mouth Marketing

If a customer is referred to our website via word-of-mouth, they have an opportunity to list their friends name on the credit application.

During the check-out process on our website it allows for the customer to select how they heard about us. They start by clicking the drop down box and selecting Friend from the drop-down menu.

After selecting Friend the drop-down menu, sub-options will display and they can now enter in their friend’s name. If they would like they can give us more information in the following text field, but that is not required. Additionally, they can enter a Promotion Code in the Promo Code Box. We offer Promotions, Specials and Discounts often and this is where a customer can enter that information as well. This allows our Affiliates to now refer or customers to their orginal Promotions as well to help increase their revenue.

Link Tracking

With our affiliate link program makes it easier than ever for our affiliates to refer customers and track their progress. After signing up at our Affiliate Sign-up Form we will give you an Affiliate code. If you own or operate a Website, blog, photo gallery, Facebook, MySpace, MSN space or whatever; we will give you a link with your code attached. This link will track your referral for you and allow you to view monthly totals. All you have to do is post a link and make money! There is no cost to sign-up, but we just ask that links are placed on appropriate sites. We have a variety of styles of link options. Flash, Graphic, Text or Editorial links, the style is up to you and easily implemented on your site. You are more than welcomed to design your own as well, as long as you get one of our approval first.

What if you do not have any way of posting a link on line?
Well you can still do the word-of-mouth marketing or notify us of a potential customer. You can also over the customer a unique promotion code to assist in tracking.

We Win When You Get Paid

This program is a win-win situation for both us and our customers. Instead of spending money marketing though mediums that may attract us customers, we would much rather reward the people we serve and who can give a first-hand account on our commitment to service and quality and who already make up a large portion of our new visitors! For more information please Contact Us.

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